On-Screen Affirmations from the Digital Bulletin

Increase participation in your service by letting your church send affirmations from the Digital Bulletin.

To do this, go to Settings > Quick Screens and scroll down to the floating amen and heart quick screens.



Click Allow congregation to initiate. This will allow people in your service to send floating hearts and amens to your On Air presentation. All they have to do is go to the bulletin and tap the affirmation they want to send.



To make the most of this feature, invite people in your church to your Faithlife Church group. This gives them easy access to the bulletin each week, and they'll be notified each time a new one is published.

You can also direct people to your Faithlife church group page to have them view the bulletin, or send them a web address signal with a link to it.


Note: Have people in your church download the Faithlife app for the easiest access to your bulletin.

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