Can I follow my On Air presentation from my laptop?

Right now, there's not a way to “follow” a presentation inside Proclaim.

However, if your church has a digital sign feed, you can set it to Show on air presentations. Then, enter the sign feed URL into a browser on your laptop. You will then be able to follow the slide changes on your laptop.

This could be a good option for you if you want to use something like a confidence monitor without the equipment required.

If you don’t already have a sign feed, create one by going to File > Open sign feed > Create your first sign feed.

Note: Already have a sign feed, but don’t want it to show On Air presentations? There’s no limit to the number of feed you can have, so you can just make another with the settings you want.

If you want to follow a presentation on your mobile device, grab the Proclaim Remote app from the Mac or Android app store.

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