How do I group service items in the Order of Service?

Groupings are a convenient way to organize similar parts of your presentation into collapsible sections that won't clutter the Order of Service. These service item groups are different from the pre-/post-service loops, warm-up, and service sections, and allow you to a more flexible scheme to view the outline of your service.

To create a service item group, start by selecting multiple service items in the Order of Service by holding Shift and clicking a range of service items. Right click and select Group from the context menu.



A group of service items will inherit the behavior of the service section it is in. For example, if your service item group is in the pre-service loop the items will advance automatically, whereas they will not in the service section.

Note: you can drag/drop services items into or out of a group.

Just like service items, you can double click on a group to rename it. This is helpful if you have groups for announcements, the sermon, song sets, or other elements of service.

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