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Proclaim integrates with Faithlife Music to provide you with more information on the songs you love to sing. Explore a browsable database of songs, connected by searchable themes and verses. Enjoy popular videos of song performances embedded directly in the info for each song. Discover links to lyrics, chord charts, sheet music, and loops, or add your own links. However you choose to use it, Faithlife Music is a great way to find inspiration for future song sets, or to learn more about your existing repertoire.

To begin, create a new song service item from the Add Item menu at the top of the main app window. Enter the title of a song you're curious about. Now click the green Faithlife Music icon to learn more about that song. You will be directed to an external browser.



Basic information about the song is listed first, including preaching themes, lyrics preview, reference, meter, and date. If the song has a video with which it is associated, you'll find that in the Watch section below. If there is audio available for that song, you can find it in the Listen section.

Did you know? You can also add comments to a song. Let others know what worked for you in your services!

In the right column you can find quick access to song metadata, including authors, references, and themes. Click any of these links to find related songs that fit together.

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