How do I add a counter to the confidence monitor?

Customizable confidence monitor timers are a great way to keep your service running smoothly and on time. These timers can count up to show a speaker how much long they've been speaking, or count down from a pre-determined time limit.

Note: this timer will only appear on the confidence monitor. To learn about timers on the main slides display, click here.

To get started, add a Start Confidence Timer cue from the Add Item menu at the top of the screen. In the Order of Service, drag and drop the confidence timer start cue where you want it.



Depending on your speaker's preference, you may want to have the timer count up or count down. Selecting the cue in the order of service will allow you to choose either of these options.

Note: if you choose to count up, you can add a Stop Confidence Timer cue from the Add Item menu to stop the count at a certain place in your presentation.

The confidence timer also works on the Notes display. To find out more about configuring the Notes display, click here.

When a speaker goes over the limit you set with the timer, the timer will continue counting in red font if you check the option to Show overtime counter.

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