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Welcome to Proclaim video training! Learn the basics of Proclaim, explore advanced training, watch our webinars, and check out our weekly video updates.

Note: Get the most out of Proclaim with a free personal training session! One of our team members will answer questions, offer tips, and help make sure you're confident with the program. Space is limited, claim your spot now!

Learn the Basics
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Get Started with Proclaim

7:14 min

Team Collaboration

2:49 min

Media-Rich Presentations

3:52 min

On Air Adjustments

3:59 min

Audience Interactions

4:39 min

Sermon Recording and Publishing

4:09 min

Proclaim Monday Minutes
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Sermon Tone Analysis

3:50 min

Bible Trivia

3:39 min

Configuring Displays

4:36 min Integration

3:32 min

Pro Media/SoundFaith

2:54 min

Multi-Select Edits

2:23 min

Training Videos
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Connecting Your Soundboard

2:42 min

Finding Media for Your Presentation

1:21 min

Download Video of Recordings

2:47 min

Create Presentations with Logos

2:42 min

How to Record Sermons

3:11 min

Live Video Feeds

1:24 min

Proclaim Webinars
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Learning the Proclaim Basics

37:24 min

Importing PowerPoint

14:50 min

Making Sermons in Proclaim

47:15 min

Create Templates and Reuse Slides

22:20 min

Sermon Audio Recording

56:15 min

Benefits of using Faithlife...

20:26 min

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