Proclaim Local Wi-Fi Remote

Control your presentation over a local network with the Proclaim local Wi-Fi Remote. You can view your slides and notes, and quickly move between service items. To learn how to control you sermon over a local network, follow the steps below.


Setting up Local Wi-Fi in Proclaim

To get started, open Proclaim and navigate to the Settings menu. Select the Remote tab. When you're ready to present, select Enable to begin broadcasting. To turn off sharing, select Disable.

Note: on Windows you may need to accept an administrator prompt to set up your firewall and allow Proclaim permission to broadcast over the network.



Note the IP address to enter into your mobile device in the next step.


Setting up Local Wi-Fi on your device

In the top right corner of the Proclaim Remote, open the menu and tap About to access the local Wi-Fi settings.



Swipe Enabled on and enter the IP address that you found in the Proclaim Settings menu.


You're ready to go on air! Presentations under your control will be clearly labeled "Local" in the Remote app so you're sure that the presentation you're controlling is on Wi-Fi.


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