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The Monday Minute is a short video that covers one feature of the Proclaim app. Come back at the beginning of each week for a new Monday Minute! You can find all of our Monday Minutes in our YouTube channel.


Sermon Tone Analysis

3:50 min

Bible Trivia

3:39 min

Configuring Displays

4:36 min Integration

3:32 min

Pro Media/SoundFaith

2:54 min

Multi-Select Edits

2:23 min

Faithlife Newsletters

5:05 min

Faithlife Bulletins

4:01 min

Custom Slide Transitions

2:15 min

Export and Share Slides

2:04 min

Faithlife Music Integration

1:50 min

Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste

2:00 min

Multiple Service Times

1:00 min


1:01 min

Support Videos

0:54 min

Finding Media

1:22 min

Custom Background Image Layouts

1:01 min

Building Service Themes

1:12 min

Add Bible Art in 7 Languages

1:03 min

Unlock Exclusive Media

0:59 min

Downloading Pro Media

1:20 min

The Best Way to Change Song Slides

1:08 min

Improve Presentations with Free Bible Art

0:57 min

Invite People and Collaborate

1:20 min

Preview Videos in the Media Browser

1:16 min

Showing Scripture While On Air

1:12 min

Create a Sample Audio Recording

1:00 min

Trim and Zoom Audio Recording Tools

1:11 min

Podcasts for Sermon Audio Recordings

1:22 min

Grid View

1:12 min

Help Section

1:08 min

Duplicating Presentations

1:03 min

Slide Formatting Tips

1:06 min

Managing Screen Space

0:58 min

Adding Foreground Images

1:12 min

Adding Videos and Links From the Web

1:00 min

The Warm-Up Section

1:00 min

Embed Scripture Verses in Slides

1:15 min

Setting Event Dates and Announcements

1:24 min

Slide Advancement Times in the...

1:10 min

Customizing Your Text Using Styles

1:07 min

Suggested Backgrounds

1:04 min

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