Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common Proclaim questions. Click on the answers to questions to see help articles with more information.

Does Proclaim work when not connected to the Internet? 

Yes, presentations that have been created and synced can be presented without internet. Some features will be affected.


How many computers can I install Proclaim on?

With a Proclaim On Air License, you can have Proclaim on as many computers as you like, with as many users as you like, on Mac and PC. You can even run multiple presentations at the same time for your ministry. 


What are the Proclaim System Requirements?

Proclaim's system requirements are easily met by most computers. Click here for more info.


How much does a Proclaim subscription cost? 

Pricing will depend on your average weekly attendance, monthly or annual renewal, and what media options you may decide to add on.


Is there a one-time purchase version of Proclaim? 

Proclaim is only available as a subscription. This ensures that everyone who uses Proclaim has access to the newest and best features in Proclaim.


Can I present in multiple languages using Proclaim?

Yes, while the user interface is in English, you can add in text from many languages.


What is the Order of Service?

The order of service describes the four different sections of a Proclaim Presentation. 


Can I import presentations from PowerPoint or Keynote? 

Yes, you are able to import content from PowerPoint and Keynote.

We also provide a workaround if the PowerPoint or Keynote files are not importing correctly. 


What are log files and how do I find them?

Log files are a diagnostic tool used for problem solving in Proclaim. This article explains how to collect and submit log files.

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