Play Sermon Recordings from your Church Website

Proclaim sermon audio can be played directly from your existing church website using the embedded player we supply.

First, publish the audio clip you wish to have on your website.



Once your audio clip has been successfully published, click Sermon player embed code from the list. A page in your web browser will be opened where you can select how you'd like the embedded widget to be configured:

  • Just this sermon: this option will embed the currently selected sermon as a single, static sermon on your website.
  • Most recent sermon from this author: this option will embed a dynamically updated sermon on your website. Each new sermon will be automatically available; no maintenance required.
  • Include playlist: in addition to the dynamic option above, you may elect to include a playlist of the four most recent sermons alongside the author's most recent sermon.



When the preview looks like what you want, copy/paste the code into your website; your sermon is now available on your church website!

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