Why won't web page service items play certain videos?

When adding a Web Page Service Item and using a URL for a video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), sometimes the video will not play. Usually the main reason behind this is because the correct version of Adobe Flash Player is not installed or is not up-to-date.

For videos within Web Page Service Items to play correctly, you must install two different versions of Adobe Flash Player. To do so, go to this link. It will take you to a webpage where you can choose your operating system.



Choose the operating system you are currently using. This will allow you to choose which version of Adobe Flash Player you will be installing.



Next, choose the version to install. You will need to install both versions available (NPAPI and PPAPI), so choose the first one available.



Click Download now and follow the installation instructions. For both platforms (Windows and Mac), it will download an installer file to your computer. Once that installer file is downloaded, run it per the instructions on the Web Page.



Once you have finished installing the first version, make sure to repeat the process with the second version of Adobe Flash Player.



Once both versions (NPAPI and PPAPI) of Adobe Flash Player are correctly installed, start Proclaim and your Web Page Service Items will correctly play streaming videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).

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