How do I update my Proclaim software manually?

Proclaim software is set up to automatically update whenever an update is available. If the software is not automatically updated, or if the update has been skipped temporarily, here are some simple steps to get your Proclaim software up-to-date.

First, open your Proclaim software and sign in. If you are not prompted to update automatically, proceed to the Help menu located at the top of the screen, and select About Proclaim... from the list.



Underneath the heading, there will be an indication as to whether the software is currently up-to-date. If Proclaim is not up-to-date, there will be a link to the most recent version. Click Download and follow the link on the Proclaim website to get the most recent version.



If the text reads "Proclaim is up to date" click Check again to verify that your software needs updating.




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