How do I change groups?


Sometimes you will want to switch to another group for a different ministry, or want to join an existing licensed group. First, navigate to the account menu and select Change presentation group...



In the Change group dialog, you will see a window with three options. The first option will be Use one of your groups; this option will show all of the groups you are currently a member of. To choose one, simply click on the group title.

You'll see Current will show next to the group you are currently using; this will automatically update once you choose a new group.

You can also Find an existing group. When you select to this option, you will see a search bar where you can enter the name of a group you are looking for. If the group exists, it will show in the search results below.



Once you have found the group you would like to join, click on it. If you have been invited to join the group, or the group is open, you will join automatically and will be switched to that group.

If you try to join a group you are not a part of, a request to join will be sent to the administrators of the group. Once your request is approved, the group will show up in the Use one of your groups list.

Want to delete your group? Click here to find out how.

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