How do I print my presentation slides?

To print your slides from Proclaim you can either export your slides as images, or save them from a web view. Exporting your slides as images then printing them is the quicker, preferred method.


Printing by exporting slides

To get started, open the presentation you want to print. Hold down Shift and left click to multi-select all the service items you want to print from the order of service. Right click on the service items and select Save as images... from the dropdown. Once you've chosen a destination for your slide image files, you can print them or import them into another application.




Want to learn more about exporting slides? Click here.



Printing from your web browser

In Proclaim, navigate to the File menu and select Print Presentation... Your web browser will open your presentation from Your presentation and all of the service items it contains are visible from this page.



Open an individual slide in a new tab and either save or print the image. Print your notes by selecting the Notes tab at the top of the screen.

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