How do I use an Embedded Bible Verse?


With embedded Bible verses you can add any verse to a content service item without copying or pasting anything. Start by creating a Content service item and choose your desired background. Type in your reference surrounded by a set of double brackets (e.g. [[John 3:16]]).



Want to add multiple verses? Proclaim will automatically create as many slides as it needs to display the Bible reference. Embedded Bible verses can also use all the same formatting as a normal Bible slide.

Embedded Bible verses can use the same customizations as normal bible slides. Input a semicolon (;) after the bracketed verse, followed by any customizations you want separated by commas. Consult the table below to add your customizations:


  Customization   Explanation
  blockparagraphs   Formats the Bible verse using block paragraphs.
  oneverseperslide   Limits the embedded reference to once verse per slide.
  sectionheadings   Adds section headings to your embedded Bible reference.
  wordsinred   Displays Christ's words in red font.
  noversenumbers   Removes verse numbers from your embedded reference.


Example input: [[John 3:16 (ESV); wordsinred, noversenumbers]]

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