How do I add a new text field to a slide?

Proclaim includes several different types of text fields to suit your purposes. To get started adding a new text field, navigate to the Add text field icon in Edit view.



The Default text field appears only on a single slide, even for multi-slide service items. You can move a single-slide text field to another slide in the same service item but right clicking and selecting Cut (Ctrl + X). Right click the slide on which you want the text field to appear and select Paste (Ctrl + V) from the right click menu.



The Main Content text field will flow across multiple slides and can be edited in the main text editor in Edit view. You can add more slides to a service item by adding slide breaks in the text editor.

Proclaim's Smart Captions remember the information you enter for future use. Your church name, website, and social media information will all be saved for use any time you wish to show these details on any slide; just add the corresponding Smart Caption to a service item to display the information you want.

Text fields in Proclaim are multi-line by default. You can specify a text field to be non-breaking (single line) in the Text Alignment dropdown in the text editing bar:


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