Order of Service Overview


The Order of Service, on the left side of the screen, shows the organization and sequence of events for your service. From the moment you go On Air, Proclaim will begin moving through the service items in the four sections of your presentation. The length of each section is determined by the volume of content it contains, and by the amount of time from when you go On Air to when the Service time is set to start.

While you're working on your presentation, you may not want to see all of the different service sections at once. Like service item groupings, you can collapse each service section by clicking the arrow next to it.


1. Pre-Service Loop: the Pre-Service Loop continuously rotates all content before the Warm-Up. Slides advance automatically in the Pre-Service Loop, but you can manually navigate through the slides as well.

This purpose of this section is to provide you space before the service begins to loop announcements, scriptures, and anything else you want to share with the your ministry. This gives you the freedom to go On Air and not worry about manual controls until the service begins.

Want to customize the pre-service loop timing? Click here to learn how.



2. Warm-Up: This section serves as a countdown to the service, and a bridge between the service and the Pre-Service Loop. This section is useful for showing a welcome screen, reminding your congregants to silence their phones, and presenting a countdown timer so that everyone knows when the service will begin.

Tip: it is not advised to manually navigate through these slides, but instead let Proclaim auto-pilot so that an accurate countdown is established.

The Warm-Up will only play once by design; any slides that you want to loop should be placed in the Pre-Service Loop. Click here to find out how to make the most of your Warm-Up loop.



3. Service: This is the main body of your presentation. The Service section will begin exactly at the time set in the program, and will end once the last slide has been shown. When preparing for the service, you can add and customize your content. Set service items to automatically advance during the service or require manual navigation. The rest is up to you—use your imagination to create a unique and inspiring service.



4. Post-Service Loop: This functions similarly to the Pre-Service Loop. Any content in this section will continue to cycle until Proclaim is taken off air.



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