Proclaim Remote App

Take control of your presentation with the Proclaim Remote, available in the App Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices.

With the Proclaim Remote you can advance slides from any mobile device, putting the power in your hands. No more miscommunications or staring at the screen waiting for someone to advance the slide.

On tablet devices (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.) you can display your private notes next to the slide so you don't have to switch between your sermon notes and a remote for your presentation. Everything is easily accessible in the Proclaim Remote!

Note: controlling your presentation over local Wi-Fi is the fastest, most performant method. Learn about it here.


Learn the Basics
The home screen displays all of the presentations with which you can interact. The list of available presentations refreshes automatically, but you can manually refresh the list by holding your finger anywhere near the top of the list, then dragging the list to the bottom of the screen and removing your finger. Local Wi-Fi presentations currently on air will be listed separately.

 On-air presentations are listed in this section. If you belong to the presentation group being used to show the presentation, you will have the option of following or controlling the presentation. Anyone who is not a part of the appropriate presentation group, but is physically near the location of the presentation, will have the option to follow along withbut not controlthe presentation. Unless you're using the local Wi-Fi remote, the mobile device running Proclaim Remote and the Proclaim application on the desktop must both be connected to the internet for any presentations to appear in this section.

 All presentations belonging to your group appear in this section. Tapping on any presentation in this section will allow you to view the presentation in preview mode. Opening a presentation in preview mode will not modify the presentation in any way, nor will it affect an on-air presentation.


 Tapping the About button will present you with information about the current version of the app, along with links to support information. The About menu also includes the option to enable local Wi-Fi control of your presentation.


 Tapping the Follow button will allow you to follow along with an on-air presentation. The same slide currently projected to the audience by Proclaim on the desktop will be displayed on the device. The slide displayed on the device will change automatically as the slide being projected changes.

Note: sound and video will not be played on the device.

The ability to follow nearby presentations without belonging to a group requires that location services be enabled from the device's settings menu, and that the location of the presentation be accurately set from the desktop client.


 Tapping the Control button will open the control view, allowing you to control aspects of the presentation. From this view, you can change the slide being presented to the audience, control video playback, and show a blank quick-screen or a preset logo. Your device is synchronized with the desktop client so that any changes from the desktop are reflected on your device and vice versa. See Controlling a Presentation with the Proclaim Remote for more information.

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