Controlling a Presentation with the Proclaim Remote

The control view allows you to easily select which slide is visible to your audience at any time.  On tablet devices, the control view also gives you the ability to view your sermon notes for the active service item.



Tapping a slide will change the slide currently being presented. The active slide is always highlighted in yellow.  If a slide contains a video, playback controls will appear over the slide.  For slides where the automatic playback option is enabled on the desktop, tapping a slide will immediately switch to that slide and begin playback.  If automatic playback is disabled, tapping a slide will change to the slide, and playback will begin after the play button is tapped.


The display settings menu allows you to select between the standard slide view and a high-contrast confidence view. On tablet devices, the option to show your presentation notes on a per-service item basis is also available from this menu. Notes are not viewable from non-tablet devices.


The order of service menu allows you to jump to a specific service item in your presentation. The order of service menu is particularly useful when you need to skip between service items containing a large number of slides. On tablet devices, tapping anywhere outside of the order of service menu will dismiss it while in portrait mode, and tapping the button again while the menu is visible will take you back to the main menu. The order of service menu is always visible in landscape mode on tablet devices.


The quick-screen menu allows you to switch the display to a blank slide or a pre-selected logo (the logo must be set from the Proclaim application on your desktop computer).  The slide which was last visible before the quick-screen will remain highlighted in yellow.  You can tap the highlighted slide to return to the same place in the presentation, or tap a different slide to dismiss the quick-screen and display the new slide instead.

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