How do I add song slides to my presentation?


Songs are one of the best parts of church — and we've made it easy for you to add and edit songs in Proclaim. Whether you're adding songs for the first time, importing songs you already have, or using a third-party song service, we'll make sure your slides come out looking great in just seconds. To get started, add a Song service item from the Add Item menu.



If you want to use a song that is already in your library, begin by typing part of the title into the Title field. A dropdown will appear that lists all matches in your library, in your SongSelect library (if you have linked your SongSelect account), and in the hymn base. Click on any title to automatically populate your song service item.



You can import a song from the Media menu by clicking Import songs.



This will import the song into your library, but will not populate your current song service item. Once imported, search for the song and manually add it to your song service item.

Tip: you can customize the order of your slides using the custom verse bar. Learn about it here.

Want to learn how to make all your song slides come out looking great? Visit our blog to learn five tips for better song slides.

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