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Digital Signage lets everyone know what's going on in the life of your church. It displays announcements, Bible art, and more on any monitor throughout your church building. Whether people are mingling in the foyer, working in the nursery, or hanging out in the youth room, they can stay up to date.

Digital Signage can be configured to automatically show your On-Air presentation, so if someone needs to step out of the service, they can stay engaged.

Digital Signage run as a continuous loop. Items in the feed can be scheduled to appear and to be removed at custom times, so you’re never seeing out of date information.

Digital Signage leverages Proclaim's sync framework so changes automatically propagate to all connected displays. Update the feed each week from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with Internet access! 

Digital Signage is free, even if you don't use Proclaim.

Get started by signing in to and select your Presentation Team's group in the left pane. If you don't already have a Presentation Team group you can create one for free, see the images below.





Creating a Sign Feed

One you're on your Presentation Team group's page click Digital Signage in the menu on the left to manage your sign feeds.



Note: You must be a group admin to see sign feeds on We plan to expand access to moderators in the near future.

Click Add Feed. Give your feed a name, and choose whether to add Bible art and whether to allow On Air presentations to take over your sign feed. Click View to see your sign feed.

Your feed is already live; that's all there is to it.

Copy down the URL and enter it into any web browser to show your signs.

Note: Just like presentations, changes to your feed are synced to the cloud, and anyone in your presentation group can make edits. 

Adding custom slides

Use Proclaim to add custom slides to your sign feed. If you don't already have Proclaim, download it here.

Once Proclaim is installed and open, click File > Open sign feed to see your available feeds. If you’ve used Proclaim, you’ll notice that your sign feed looks and behaves like the pre-service loop.

Click Add Item to add custom items to your feed.


Note: The following slide types are available for use as signs: Bible, Content, Announcement, and Image Slideshow. The moment you create your sign feed, it's visible on the web. Any slides you add get synced to your feed automatically, or you can click the sync icon to force the sync immediately.

Going On Air

If you don’t want to use a web browser or don’t have an internet connection, go On Air to show your sign feed on a display connected to your computer. 

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