Organize your media with boards

Boards are a great way for your presentation group to organize the media you want to use in your presentations.

The boards will be listed on the left in the Media Browser. A Favorites board will be created automatically to get you started. If you've uploaded any of your own media to Proclaim you'll see a Group Upload board as well.




To create a new board, select a piece of media, then click Add to board... in the detail pane. Enter the name of the new board into the text box. Add to an existing board by selecting one from the list.

You can also add media to a board by right-clicking a piece of media and choosing your board from the dropdown. To remove media from a board, click the next to the board in the detail view, or right-click the media item and select Remove from board.

Right-click a board in the facet view to delete or rename it.




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