Proclaim Volunteer Reference Guide


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Presenting live, going On Air
Going On Air means taking your slideshow presentation live. To start a presentation from the first slide, clickon-air.png(top right corner of Proclaim) or press F5. To start from a specific slide, select the slide and press Shift + F5.

On the left side of the screen is a chronological outline of your service:

  • Pre-Service Loop cycles through pre-service slides until the Warm-Up begins.
  • Warm-Up begins automatically just before your service start time.
  • Service slides require manual navigation.
  • Post-Service Loop continually cycles until you take Proclaim Off Air.

Note: the Pre-Service Loop and Warm-Up do not require manual navigation. Let them navigate automatically to the Service section to ensure your service starts on time.


Controlling your presentation
Use Left/Right arrows to navigate backward or forward through your service. When you go On Air Proclaim goes into Preview mode, which lets you control the presentation.

Single-clicking any slide in Preview mode will navigate to it in your live presentation. To toggle the layout of Preview mode, click the grid-view-icon.png icon next to your presentation title.


Quick screens: slides and Scripture on the fly
Quick screens are hotkeyed slides you can quickly put on the screen to temporarily replace the currently shown slide. Find the Quick Screens on the right side of the screen in Preview mode only. Single click on any quick screen to display it live. To enter Scripture on-the-fly, use the On-Screen Bible Quick Screen. After selecting the Quick Screen enter the reference above the slide while in Preview mode and press Enter to display it live.

On-screen messages to your congregation or speaker
You can send messages to your congregation on the main display from Preview mode. Type a message into Crawl Text or Pager fields at the top of the main window and press Enter to display to your congregation on your slides.

To send a message (stage direction) to the speaker via the confidence monitor, click the to-stage.png dropdown. Type a message or choose from a list of messages. The audience won’t see stage directions.


Editing slides and songs on air
To edit slides and songs while you’re on air, switch from Preview to Edit mode at the top of the main window. The service will continue normally when you switch. Single-click on any slide to select it for edits. Double-click on any slide to navigate to it. Changes you make to the currently shown slide are displayed instantly to your audience.

To add a new slide:

  • To a sermon slide, add two hyphens (--) to the text editor between the slides you want to break.
  • To a song, click on the custom verse bar just beneath the song title. The verse bar determines the order of each verse on the screen, and lists verses/choruses you can add.

Checking audio input levels
If you’re recording your service with a microphone (or other audio input device), the volume indicator in Edit or Preview mode appears next to the Recordings tab at the top of the main window. The indicator shows playback levels while you’re recording, but disappears when you’re not.

Adjusting audio output levels
If you’re playing music with slides or viewing a video, you can adjust the audio output level in Preview mode. Beneath any slide in Preview or Grid View is an adjustable volume level. Changing the audio output level saves that level for all other service items with audio.

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