How do I undo edits I've made?

If you've made edits to a slide you can undo them using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z (or ⌘CMD + Z on Mac). Because there are multiple places in Proclaim to make edits, use the following guide to undo changes you've made:

  • When focused on the text editor (left pane in Edit view), Undo will retract any text customizations including color, size, what you typed, etc.
  • When focused on the Order of Service, Undo will retract any service item deletions or additions you've made.
  • Ctrl + Z doesn't undo changing the background.


Resetting Customizations

If you use Pro Media, you may have noticed that the text styling of your slides will update dynamically when you change the background. If you've made any changes to the text styling or layout of the text fields, changing the background will not dynamically update anything you've edited. To re-enable the dynamic text changes, click the reset-customs.png Reset Customizations button above the slide.


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