How do I add a donation request?

If you'd like to eschew the offering plate in favor of online donations, Proclaim can work with you to help members of your congregation offer their donations from their mobile devices using the unique Signals feature. Once you add a signal to any service item, your congregants can view it from one of the Faithlife apps, or through your church's digital bulletin. Read on below to find out how to add a donation request to your presentation.


Adding a Donation Request Signal

In Proclaim, navigate to the service item to which you wish to add the donation request. When you're on air, members of your congregation will receive a notification on their phones with the donation information you provide.



Responding to a Donation Request Signal

To respond to a donation request signal, members of your congregation will have to either visit the digital bulletin for that presentation on Faithlife, or be following along with the Faithlife Study Bible or Bible! apps. To make a donation through the digital bulletin, navigate to the File menu and select View digital bulletin.



Any member of your congregation with this link can view your bulletin once it's published. Bulletins are created to be mobile-friendly, so congregants can give during service time.

To donate through one of the Faithlife apps, follow the steps in this article to set up signals on mobile. When you're on air, members of your congregation can one tap to donate through the mobile app.




Need more help? You can find additional information on signals here.

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